The art of Arabic calligraphy has been present since ancient times, and the person who practices the art or the artist is known as the Calligrapher, and each and every person's ability and creativity is different than the other, before all else it is a gift of Almighty Allah. And there have been famous calligraphers throughout the ages.

Among the most famous of these calligraphers known today is Sheikh Mohammad Salem Bajnaid, a talented artist and calligrapher by nature, who through his new concept reflected his skill in bringing on the spiritual essence of the Holy Quranic verses, by using the Arabic calligraphy as a means to portray the beauty and meaning to the words of Almighty Allah.

Sheikh Mohammad Salim Bajnaid's works are an extract of the verses of the Holy Quran with their spirituality and creativity of these verses, Sheikh Salem displayed the divine respect and love to Almighty Allah.

"Calligraphy which is exceptionally Holy.. is not the artist's own creativity"
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